Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Christmas cards...

Are you ready for the next installment of Christmas Card ideas?? Well, too bad...because it is coming whether you are ready or not....hmmm, kind of like Christmas!
The first one is a card that was designed by a member of our team. I made it, but it was her idea. I love the glitter on the snow to make it pop a little more. Super cute!

The second one is the card that I made this year. I am really busy right now and I needed a card that didn't take a ton of time. This was the ticket! They are really quick and easy to put together and I did 3 variations of it....same layout and colors, just different patterns and paper. I will show you the other ones another time.

Christmas cards don't have to be difficult. And the cheesy ones you buy in bulk from the store are just that...cheesy. I like a little more fun and flare. :) As always, if you want me to make your cards...I will. Just call me, but soon!

Happy Stamping!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas is here!

Holy Cow! Where did the year go right?? Christmas time is now upon us and that means that it is time to do the card exchanging.

What? You haven't done your Christmas cards this year yet??? Its okay, neither have I. I sat down today to figure them out though. I am going to post a few over the next few days so that you can get some inspiration for yourself.

The first card was one that I made for my mom to give to all the grandchildren for Christmas. She wanted plain and simple since the kids will just rip into them anyway.

The second is a card that my upline, Maxine, made last year and sent out. Warning....she admits this card took lots of time and a group effort by her coworkers. But, don't you just love the way it came out??

As always, if you feel like you can't do them and just want to sign them....let me know. I can make them for you and you can sign them and mail them. That way, people get a handmade card, but you don't have to put forth the time to do it. Call me for details.

Happy Stamping!