Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pennant Peek

This is a card I made for a swap with fellow demonstrators. It got 3rd in the swap voting too! Yeah me! It features the new pennant stamp set and matching punch that is coming in the new catalog July 1st! You will also see a oldie, but goodie stamp set for the background...Circle Circus.

Hope you enjoy it. Catalogs are just $5, so let me know how many you need.

Another promo going on right now...anyone that makes a $50 order before tax and shipping with me will get to pick a stamp set from my stash. This goes until I get back from Convention and is first come first serve as to what stamps are available.

Happy Stamping!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pocket Full Of Posies DSP Class

Here are some samples from the Pocket Full of Posies DSP class. You need to RSVP by this Saturday! The paper is wonderful. Check out my website for more details and to RSVP that way. Or you can call or email me your registration info.

Remember.... there are 2 options to this class.

Option 1: Make 5 cards and take them home $10

Option 2: Make 5 cards AND take home a package of the Pocket full of Posies DSP $16

Option 3: Kit by Mail. I put everything in a package with instructions for the 5 cards and you choose either option above and just add $3 for shipping.

Sounds like a plan to me! Can't wait to see you all there. Come check out the new catalog too!

Happy Stamping!


New Catalog Ribbon Share

If you are like me, you think that a cute piece of ribbon makes a card stand out. If you are also like me, you cannot afford to buy ribbon in every color in every type. I have a solution to our problems!! I have put together a ribbon share. Here are the details:

I will place an order July 1st for all the ribbon so that we can get it in time for our new workshops and such. I will measure, cut, package, and mail each of the shares from my homes...which is pet free and smoke free.

There are several groups to choose from. Each group is a single type of ribbon, but will include some of each color of that know, because some people love one type of ribbon and despise another. No one wants to end up with a type of ribbon they will never use right? The 10 yards spools you will get 2 yards of each color. For the 15 yards spools you will get 3 yards of each color.

The price next to each group includes tax and shipping to anywhere in the US. I accept Paypal for this share, so when you are ready to sign up please make sure I have your email address to send you a Paypal invoice to for the groups you sign up for....or if you are local you can just drop me the money via check or cash.

3/8" Ruffled In Color Ribbon, 2 yards each: $10, 5 NEW in colors

1/2" Stitched Poly In Color Ribbon, 3 yards each: $9, 5 returning In Colors

3/8" Taffeta Ribbon, 2 yards each: $14 10 colors

5/8" Satin Ribbon, 3 yards each: $18 10 colors

1/2" Scallop Dots Ribbon, 2 yards each: $16 10 colors

1/8" Taffeta Ribbon, 2 yards each: $12 10 colors

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks you guys!

Happy stamping!


Friday, June 10, 2011

No Wrapping Paper...No Problem!

So I have a birthday gift for my Mother in Law and I can't find anything except Christmas wrapping around for some reason. I could go buy some, but going out just for wrapping paper is silly...especially when your face looks like Will Smith's from Hitch after he eats seafood on his date. Yes, the left side of my face is massively swollen due to an infection of some sort. Good news is that it doesn't hurt anymore, but the swelling hasn't gone down yet.

Sorry, back to wrapping paper... I don't want to leave the house so I pulled out a white lunch sack since we have a stack leftover from school this year and started stamping away!

You get a sneak peek at a Brand New stamp set coming in the new catalog starting July 1st. Don't you love those doilies?!?! There is also paper to match, but not in the colors that I stamped. The 4 colors you see on the bag are ANOTHER sneak peek of some of the new In Colors. I LOVE the colors this year. Last year's were okay, and remember we keep them for 2 years now, but this year's colors are deliciously yummy. The last in color is a deep blue that isn't on the bag.

Wouldn't this be great for your kids to take to a birthday party? They can just stamp whatever they want on it and it is adorable and so personal. So, don't waste money on wrapping paper.... use what you have around the house. Hope you like it, and I hope that she likes the gift and packaging too.

Happy stamping!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stamp to the Max Annual Party!

This was awesome! You won't want to miss it next year. We had tons of fun doing make and takes, demonstrations, motivational messages, games, swaps, and prizes.

Here is the swap that I created for the meeting. It uses a new stamp set and punch coming out in the brand new catalog available July 1st and is called Pennant it!

The following samples are just a couple of the ones that we did for our make and takes. It uses one of my favorite stamp sets (yes, it did make the big catalog for next year!) called Fabulous Florets. The last few classes I did were using that stamp set and coordinating paper, Beyond the Garden. I will post more of those samples later.

We played a How Well Do You Know Your Colors game...and I took second. All 45 current cardstock colors were put out on a table and you had to list them with the coordinating numbers on your paper. I got them all right and it was a fast draw color showdown with the 6 that got 100%. Dang Jason for beating me! I so had him and he came from behind. I still got a prize, so that was awesome. I also won another prize for having my swap card being voted in the top 3. So, that made my week. :)

The food was wonderful and Max did an amazing job for us. I know it was a ton of work for her...but we really appreciated all the effort that goes in to a major event like that. It is an annual thing, so get excited to attend next year!

If you want to join my team to be able to go to amazing events like this one... its easy! Email for more info or go to my website and click the "Start Your Own Business" tab at the top for lots of information.

Happy Stamping!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Chance Folks!

June is an interesting month for Stampin' Up! I find myself overjoyed with getting a sneak peek at all the goodies in the upcoming Idea Book and Catalog for the new year, but sad at the same time since I now have in my hands a copy of the Last Chance lists.

There are so many great things that will not be available come July 1st. You will want to take a look at the lists and see if there is anything on them that you can't live without....or that come July 1st you won't regret not ordering.

Click here to see the Last Chance Stamp List. There are so many good ones leaving. I had lots on my wish list that ended up on the list!

Click here to see the Last Chance Accessories List... keep in mind that accessories are first come first serve and once something is sold out it is gone. Stampin' Up! is unable to order more of those things from the manufacturers.

Click here to see the Last Chance Definitely Decorative List. This list is huge! They are drasticaly reducing the vinyl line so that it fits into the regular catalog.

You can go here to order online at my website.....or you can always call me and I can place your order over the phone.

Happy stamping!