Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolution

I really hate making resolutions. I am not quite sure why, but here are a few reasons that pop into my mind.
  1. I hate doing something because someone says so.
  2. I never keep them and that makes me depressed.
  3. Nothing I ever set is realistic, so I am setting myself up for #2.
  4. Everyone wants to know what they are and sometime you just don't want to share what you are working on...is that shame?
  5. I don't like feeling ashamed.
  6. They are always personal things that usually only benefit one person...yourself.

So this year peeps...I am making only ONE resolution that I am going to really work on. There are lots of things that I can do for self improvement, because I am sure not perfect. But all those things are my own goals and not resolutions.

This year I want to send at least 52 Thank You cards. That shouldn't be hard in my line of "work" right? It is harder than you think. But realistically, I should be able to send one per week. There is always gratitude that needs giving, even if it is just something small that goes unoticed by most.

I got this wonderful idea from a friend, and fabulous author, of mine Josi Kilpack. She has inspired me to do this and I think that if I only set one resolution this year, this is sure a worthy one since it benefits others and not myself. I hope you all have something you are working on, even if it isn't a resolution.

Happy Stamping!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Sneak Peek

I am attending a gathering for our extended team this Saturday and we are all doing a card swap. We had to use a set from one of the new catalogs (2011 Occassions Mini or Saleabration). I chose a set from Saleabration that I just love. The minute I saw it I had to have it. The possibilities are endless and I love how my swap card came out. I just hope the rest of the team enjoys it as much as I do.
If you want a new Occassions Mini Catalog or a Saleabration Catalog, just let me know. I can get one to you in a jiffy! You won't want to miss it because they are great! Don't forget to check out the January classes this month. Let me know if you are interested in attending one.

January 5th: Jolly Holiday Scrapbook Class. Come scrap all your holiday photos

January 12th: Filled With Love Stamp Class $20 to make 4/5 cards and take a set of stamps home too!
January 19th: Love Impressions Scrapbook Class

January 26th: Valentine Defined Stamp Class $20 to make 4/5 cards and take a set of stamp home.

Happy Stamping!