Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Stamp to the Max Blog Hop

Its gift time!  That's right folks....Christmas is this month.  That is insane right?  Join us on a cute little hop that will show you some great gifts that you can give to your friends and loved ones without spending a fortune and braving crowds. 

I have a wreath to show you today.  Now that you have seen the picture.... take a guess at how much you think that wreath cost to make.  I will tell you at the end of the post and you WILL be surprised. 

Supplies Needed:
  • 2 packs of Stampin' Up fabric (I used Deck the Halls)
  • 1 metal wreath form from a local hobby and craft store (mine was only $2.99)
  • 1 pair of scissors
Unfold your fabric and snip about a half in into the fabric along the long side of each rectangle about 3/4" to 1" apart.  There is no exact science to it.  Just snip the strips however wide you want them. Once you have each of the 3 different patterns snipped, all you have to do is tear...with your bare hands...down each snip you made.  You would be surprised at how easily it rips actually.  Then cut each ripped strip in half.  All that is left is to tie them on to your wreath form.  SUPER easy!  And, the kicker is that it only cost me $5! I used the $0.99 fabric on the clearance rack so it was so inexpensive.  You can do it with any fabric we have, so if you want to spend on a couple dollars more you could do it for any season in any color we have.  :)

Now, hop along to the next blog and check out what Lisa has for you to make. 

1. Maxine Conrad
2. Martha Haddock  You are here.
3. Lisa Fennewald
4. Stephanie Bradley

Happy Stamping!



  1. I love it Martha! How long did it take you to tie all those knots? I guess that would be a good time to watch tv and work - right?

  2. Very cute - I am wondering the same thing as Lisa. This is a very 'full' wreath :)

  3. Your wreath is so pretty! And since it is made out of fabric, I'm sure that it can be used for quite a few years. Great idea!