Monday, April 1, 2013

Fun With Fun Flowers Die

I had been wanting to make one of these cool twine letters for my house for a while.  Of course, you know the idea came from Pinterest.  I waited for some of the items to go on sale at the local craft store and then started my project.


I started with a wooden H that is about 18" tall.  It is only about 1/2" thick though.  I thought I wanted it thicker, but I couldn't find the height I wanted in a thicker version.  Overall, I am very pleased with it and realize now that the thicker version would not have turned out so versatile for me.  I used about 1 1/2 rolls of twine and lots of hot glue.  So make sure you have lots of glue sticks on hand when you start.

I started on the back of the letter and glued down the end and then started to wrap it around.  After a few wraps I realized that I need to be hot gluing most of the string down in order for it to stay in the place I wanted and nice and tight.  It doesn't take a ton of glue to get it to stay, so don't feel like you have to glob it on.  A nice thin strip right up against the strip already glued down is perfect. The twine is pretty forgiving, so even when I had to wrap the ends and corners it turned out pretty well.

Once the twine was done, I knew it needed some flowers.  You can find all sorts of felt at the local craft store.  It ranges from $0.25 - $1.00 a sheet depending on the thickness and if you wanted a pattern and glitter.  I chose the cheap stuff.  I folded the cream felt in half and put it over my Fun Flowers Die and ran it through the Big Shot doubled up.  Then I layered all the pieces for the look I wanted on the cream flower.  I used hot glue to attach the layers and the flower to the H as well.

The green flower is 2 long strips of felt cut about 2" x 5".  Fold it in half and then snip down the folded side leaving a half inch on the other side.  Then just roll it up using hot glue to secure it as you go. 

For the gray flower I cut square 12 squares of the felt just larger than the second largest flower on the die and cut 3 at a time with the Big Shot.  Then I cut a 2" circle out of the felt for the backing.  Fold each flower in quarters and hot glue it to the circle starting with the outside first and working your way in.

I am pretty pleased with it and people love it too.  Most people on Pinterest were using them as wreaths on their front doors, but I have mine sitting on a shelf in my family room.  Please do not be fooled by the easiness (is that a word?) of this project.  It was SUPER easy, but it is time consuming to wrap all that twine.  It took me about 4 hours, but I am pretty particular on how the finished product the OCD takes longer for most things.  :)

Happy Crafting!


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