Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Birthday Cards and Christmas wishes

I had a few birthdays this week. My cute upline, Laura Widdison, had her big 30 this past week (eeks! that means I will be 30 in a few months!). Her husband did the cutest thing for her. He hacked her email and got all her customers and friends to send a card on the same day. She ended up getting over 100 cards in her mailbox on her birthday. It was sooo sweet of Dirk. Extra points go to him for thinking of the idea and then implementing it perfectly. This is the card that I sent to her.
My brother has a birthday tomorrow and I created this card just for him.

I found out the my NEW brother in law has a birthday next week, so I better get cracking on a card for him too. I will post what I come up with when I come up with it! lol

I completed my own christmas cards and the cards that my brother ordered from me. I have to say, I LOVE the ones that I came up with for him. The Embossed snowflakes with glitter on top was just the right thing for a happy holiday. For mine...I did a great spinner card. The ornament attached spins along the opening with the Merry Christmas in it. It is fun and I think it will be something that my family hasn't seen before.
There is still time to order Christmas cards for yourself. I can put a kit together for you to assemble them yourself, or I can do it for you. You friends and family would be delighted to open a handmade card from you!

Happy Stamping!


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