Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolution

I really hate making resolutions. I am not quite sure why, but here are a few reasons that pop into my mind.
  1. I hate doing something because someone says so.
  2. I never keep them and that makes me depressed.
  3. Nothing I ever set is realistic, so I am setting myself up for #2.
  4. Everyone wants to know what they are and sometime you just don't want to share what you are working on...is that shame?
  5. I don't like feeling ashamed.
  6. They are always personal things that usually only benefit one person...yourself.

So this year peeps...I am making only ONE resolution that I am going to really work on. There are lots of things that I can do for self improvement, because I am sure not perfect. But all those things are my own goals and not resolutions.

This year I want to send at least 52 Thank You cards. That shouldn't be hard in my line of "work" right? It is harder than you think. But realistically, I should be able to send one per week. There is always gratitude that needs giving, even if it is just something small that goes unoticed by most.

I got this wonderful idea from a friend, and fabulous author, of mine Josi Kilpack. She has inspired me to do this and I think that if I only set one resolution this year, this is sure a worthy one since it benefits others and not myself. I hope you all have something you are working on, even if it isn't a resolution.

Happy Stamping!



  1. What a great resolution! Resolving to be thankful! All the best in 2011 and what's even better is you will have FUN keeping this one!

  2. I don't do resolutions anymore...but yours is a great one!

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    Karla c(: