Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Convention 2012 Wrap Up

I have been gone for a while.  I was with family for a while and then at Stampin' Up! Annual Convention for a week.  I am headed out again for another family vacation tomorrow, but I thought I would get in a quick post about how awesome convention was. 

The theme this year was I Am...  I am lots of things, but here is a list of what I learned at this years convention:

  • I am a Leader - or not a bad leader thanks to Brian Pilling
  • I am Having Fun - along with Shannon West
  • I am a Pattern Mixing Pro - thanks to Carrie Cudney (and Jen Campbell)
  • I am Doing Business My Way - with the support of Bonnie Thurber
  • I am Savvy - according to Donna Griffith
  • I am Earning the Incentive Trip - at least trying with the help of Karen Hauley
  • I am Reaching Out - with encouragement from Emily Montoya
  • I am in the Hispanic Market - with support from Sandra Manwill
  • I am Starting Out - and revamping with ideas from Emily Montoya
  • I am Making Money - with the help from Pam Morgan
  • I am Open for Business - thanks to Carrie Cudney

We did some great make & take projects.  The pictures you see are those.  We got lots of free stuff!  My sister asked me, "How much do you think you got for free?"  I did a rough total and believe me, it was well worth the price I paid to register... 9 stamp sets, 3 packs of DSP, ribbon, rhinestones, dahlias, brads, adhesive, super cute bag, catalogs, training, motivation, 3 packs of fabric, projects to make and take home, ideas out the wazoo, and friendships galore!

If you want to join me next year for the 25th Anniversary of Stampin' Up! you had better get going.  There is a fabulous promotion in August if you sign up.  In addition to the great deal on the starter kit for $99 you also get a fun halloween project kit.  We saw it together at convention and I loved it.  Its a Spooktacular Promo!  ;)

Get pumped for some ideas for holiday cards coming up.  I am working on Fall and Winter projects right now. 

Happy Stamping!


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