Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Digital Studio Color Update

Did you know that you if you have My Digital Studio (MDS) from Stampin' Up!, or if you want MDS, that you can get all the new updated colors for FREE?!?! Thats right folks....FREE! This is over $50 worth of downloads for the new colors at no cost to you. I updated mine and it is amazing.
Check out the online info for My Digital Studio, but I can of course get you more if you want it.

I am really, really loving the MDS software. I had been using a free version of something similar for my digital scrapbooking and it just doesn't compare to this. It is very user friendly and of course has all the exclusive Stampin' Up! colors, papers, and lots of stamps already built in when you buy the software.

You could purchase all those things seperately and use them in a program of your choice, but when spend the money on that when you can buy the software and get it all included for less than what the downloads would cost individually? Think smart people! I finally did. :)

Plus Stampin' Up! posts regular updates, new downloads, and has tons of support for MDS. You really can't go wrong. If you would like to have your own copy, view my copy at my house, or just want more information give me a call.

As always, you can place your order right online at my shop. You will find My Digital Studio under the Digital Crafting section.

Check out the awesome boxes that I made using MDS! I will of course post more projects using this fabulous software later. I am finally doing a scrapbook of our trip to Disney last October!

If you are interested in getting your own copy of MDS, checking out my copy at my house, or just want more info then let me know!

Thanks for visiting. :)


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