Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Chance Folks!

June is an interesting month for Stampin' Up! I find myself overjoyed with getting a sneak peek at all the goodies in the upcoming Idea Book and Catalog for the new year, but sad at the same time since I now have in my hands a copy of the Last Chance lists.

There are so many great things that will not be available come July 1st. You will want to take a look at the lists and see if there is anything on them that you can't live without....or that come July 1st you won't regret not ordering.

Click here to see the Last Chance Stamp List. There are so many good ones leaving. I had lots on my wish list that ended up on the list!

Click here to see the Last Chance Accessories List... keep in mind that accessories are first come first serve and once something is sold out it is gone. Stampin' Up! is unable to order more of those things from the manufacturers.

Click here to see the Last Chance Definitely Decorative List. This list is huge! They are drasticaly reducing the vinyl line so that it fits into the regular catalog.

You can go here to order online at my website.....or you can always call me and I can place your order over the phone.

Happy stamping!


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