Friday, June 10, 2011

No Wrapping Paper...No Problem!

So I have a birthday gift for my Mother in Law and I can't find anything except Christmas wrapping around for some reason. I could go buy some, but going out just for wrapping paper is silly...especially when your face looks like Will Smith's from Hitch after he eats seafood on his date. Yes, the left side of my face is massively swollen due to an infection of some sort. Good news is that it doesn't hurt anymore, but the swelling hasn't gone down yet.

Sorry, back to wrapping paper... I don't want to leave the house so I pulled out a white lunch sack since we have a stack leftover from school this year and started stamping away!

You get a sneak peek at a Brand New stamp set coming in the new catalog starting July 1st. Don't you love those doilies?!?! There is also paper to match, but not in the colors that I stamped. The 4 colors you see on the bag are ANOTHER sneak peek of some of the new In Colors. I LOVE the colors this year. Last year's were okay, and remember we keep them for 2 years now, but this year's colors are deliciously yummy. The last in color is a deep blue that isn't on the bag.

Wouldn't this be great for your kids to take to a birthday party? They can just stamp whatever they want on it and it is adorable and so personal. So, don't waste money on wrapping paper.... use what you have around the house. Hope you like it, and I hope that she likes the gift and packaging too.

Happy stamping!


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