Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Halloween Fun!

I got a note form Dillan's preschool last week saying that they were having a Halloween party on the 29th and that each child was asked to bring 36 treats to share with all the other kids/classes at the school. I decided that it was a good opportunity to use the Candy Wrapper Die that is in the Holiday Mini Catalog.

It uses the regular size cutting pads and a Big Shot. I think it is sooo cute! I have only made 18 of the 36 needed for Friday's party, but that was just one sitting. The creases are done to perfection (especially if you use the crease pad). It is a tad time consuming if you are doing lots of them because you have to bend all the creases in the right direction (it is way easier than it sounds...just takes a bit of time). But look how awesome they turn out! I used the bats from the Wicked Cool halloween stamp set to stamp the outside of the wrapper and I think it turned out great. I didn't want to do too much since 3 and 4 year olds are just going to rip into them to find what is inside. But in Dillan's opinion, "Oooh! They are so pretty!" He is excited to take them to school next week.

Happy Stamping, and Die Cutting!


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  1. Cute! My girl and I are actually making these for her preschool and dance class also. So question -- I haven't used this die a whole lot yet. I tend to do the flat end (as opposed to the wrapper twist -- make sense?) and was wondering if there is a trick to make the "twist" end stay put? Does it just stay, or do you adhere ... something? :)