Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More My Digital Studio downloads...

I am so glad they are putting more and more out for MDS. It is such a great program and recently found that I can load all my "other" digital scrapbooking stuff into it and have all the user friendliness of the program and still use all my stuff! WOO HOO!!
Here are the new downloads for now. There will be more soon, because there always is! New stuff is always good and gets my juices flowing.
Did you know that these great digtal downloads work in tons and tons or other programs including MS Word? Awesome right?! From Photoshop, Windows Paint,, MS Office, to MDS and everything else between. Pick the program you like (though I would recommend the user friendly MDS) and download away! Go to my website, order the downloads you want, and instantly have access to your downloads....and no shipping fee for them!

Happy Digital Stamping!


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